Tomas Pacesas 18.03.12

Tomas Pancesas
Future Stars

After 6 years as Head Coach of the Polish club Asseco Prokom Tomas Pacesas has now assumed the role of Executive Director of VTB United League.

Tomas, born in Kaunas Lithuania started his basketball career as a player and has been signed to professional clubs in Lithuania, Ukraine, Israel, Russia and Poland. As a player Tomas’ accomplishments include; Russian National Championship winner, Polish National Championship winner,  Polish National Cup winner, Russian All Star, Polish Al Star and bronze medal at the 1996 Olympic Games with the Lithuanian National Team. 

Tomas joined Asseco Prokom as a player in 2003 and spent 4 seasons as starting point guard helping Asseco to win 4 straight Championship titles. In 2007 he made the transition to Assistant Coach winning the Polish National Championship and the following season took over as Head Coach winning the Polish National Cup and the National Championship for a further 3 seasons. By the 2009/2010 season Tomas had led Asseco into the Euroleague Quarterfinals.

With his new position as Executive Director of VTB United League Tomas leaves behind him the role of Head Coach completing the full spectrum of basketball professions and has at a young age asserted himself in a highly respected managerial position.

In the first instalment of our blog from Tomas Pacesas he comments on the Euroleague playoffs and his new role as Executive Director of VTB United League. 

Tomas Pacesas 18th March 2012

Photographs courtesy of 23 Studio