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U18 Competition

10.07.21West Herts Warriors9366London Greenhouse Pioneers
15.07.21London United8279London Greenhouse Pioneers
17.07.21West Herts Warriors6462Cardiff Met Archers
17.07.21Surrey Rams6159London Thunder
22.07.21West Herts Warriors6063London United
24.07.21London Greenhouse Pioneers9082Surrey Rams
London United6689Harringey Hawks
West Herts Warriors8088Youngbloods Lions
Greenwich Titans6985Harringey Hawks
Surrey Rams6783West Herts Warriors
Youngbloods Lions8955Cardiff Met Archers
London Thunder6676Youngblood Lions
London United10350Cardiff Met Archers
Youngblood Lions8985London United
Cardiff Met Archers8874Surrey Rams
Cardiff Met Archers6846London Thunder
London Thunder6567London Greenhouse Pioneers
London Thunder7457Greenwich Titans
31.07.21London Greenhouse Pioneers8679Cardiff Met Archers
31.07.21Surrey Rams6980Harringey Hawks
05.08.21West Herts Warriors7448Greenwich Titans
08.08.21Youngbloods Lions8685Greenwich Titans
12.08.21Harringey Hawks9498London Greenhouse Pioneers
12.08.21Surrey Rams8781Greenwich Titans
Harringey Hawks6066Youngblood Lions
15.08.21Harringey Hawks6173West Herts Warriors
20.08.21London Greenhouse Pioneers6686Youngblood Lions
20.08.21London United 7868Greenwich Titans
21.08.21London United 10154Surrey Rams
21.08.21London Greenhouse Pioneers8580Greenwich Titans
Harringey Hawks8666London Thunder
24.08.21London Thunder3776West Herts Warriors
Cardiff Met Archers200Harringey Hawks
Cardiff Met Archers200Greenwich Titans

U16 Competition

10.07.21Bracknell Cobras7935London Thunder
17.07.21Surrey Rams6848London Thunder
25.07.21Bracknell Cobras7782Harringey Hawks
31.07.21London Thunder8734Greenwich Titans
London United8598 (2OT)London Thunder
Surrey Rams7591Harringey Hawks
Greenwich Titans5361London United
London United8274Surrey Rams
14.08.21London Thunder3955Harringey Hawks
18.08.21Surrey Rams11026Greenwich Titans
21.08.21London United6373Harringey Hawks
21.08.21Bracknell Cobras7757Surrey Rams
24.08.21London United6678Bracknell Cobras
28.08.21Bracknell Cobras11843Greenwich Titans
Harringey Hawks200Greenwich Titans

U14 Competition

London United3783Sussex Bears
London United4174Surrey Rams
London Thunder10737London United
12.08.21Sussex Bears8649Surrey Rams
Sussex Bears8065London Thunder
Sussex Bears6966Bracknell Cobras
19.08.21London United4672Bracknell Cobras
Bracknell Cobras7757Surrey Rams
Bracknell Cobras7935London Thunder
Surrey Rams10153London Thunder

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or contact +44 (0) 7951 762 821