Future Stars Summer Series has been set up to provide much needed competition for teams as we return to ‘normal’ post Covid-19. 

The competition involves top teams from across the UK in U14, U16 and U18 age categories with a league format group stage finishing in a ‘Final Four’ event to provide the experience for young players of playing high level competition. We feel that it is important that the finals of the Summer Series should have the highest possible profile. 

Games taking place home and away at club venues to further reduce travel time for participating teams.  

After a playoff phase, the top four teams will compete in a Final Four competition which will take place at Brunel University, London at the end of August.  The final confirmed format will be established once we have all participants confirmed.  Our intention is to start the league at the end of June and finish with a Final Four event to coincide with the Future Stars International Tournament taking place at the end of August (27-29th August 2021).  

The ethos of the Future Stars Summer Series is to provide much needed competition against high level teams whilst organisationally making it as easy for clubs to participate as possible. The competition structure will be as flexible as possible with fixture schedule having weekly deadlines but the dates and times being agreed between teams to allow for the circumstances of individual teams being able to play mid-week / weekend.  

As the idea is to provide competition for teams as we return to normal post Covid-19, age categories will include players that would have competed in each age category for this 2020 / 21 season. 

For up to date results of this years edition please click here.

If you have any further questions regarding the competition please email Chairperson@futurestars.eu

or contact +44 (0)7951 762 821