Erazem Lorbek 09.05.13

Erazem Lorbek 
FC Barcelona Regal
Euroleague Basketball
Future Stars

In their quest for their 3rd Euroleague title Barcelona Regal will heavily rely on their most experienced players and there is very few who can boast more top international encounters than Slovenian veteran forward Erazem Lorbek. The Euroleague winner from 2010 and 3 times Euroleague All Stars player spent a short time before Friday’s training on the eve of the Semi Final analysing their chances in the Final Four tournament

F.S. Coming here after a season where you lost just 2 games before the play-off stage makes you an instant favourite. Do you have a sense that nothing but a victory will satisfy you, your team and an army of your supporters around the world?

E.L. For sure we are coming here with a burden of expectations and we would like to win this tournament. When you play for Barcelona you must very quickly understand that every game creates a lot of pressure and you are always expected to win but I’m very grateful that I have an opportunity to play for such a club. We will do everything to beat Madrid tomorrow and whoever else on Sunday, but it won’t be easy. We expect an epic battle from the first second of the game. This is such a difficult format and everything can happen in just one game, small details will play a massive role.

F.S. Does the fact that you are playing against Real Madrid add to the pressure? Given a choice would you prefer not to have yet another El Classico in the semi-final?

E.L. I really don’t know. We know each other so well so there are no secrets anymore, we know what to expect from each player on the court. It will be very difficult to surprise Real with anything new. I personally like games like that because they bring the best out of me.

F.S. Do you occasionally venture your thoughts to the European Championships which will be held in your country this summer?

E.L. Nah, not at this moment we have a job to do here.


Photographs courtesy of FC Barcelona Regal