The International Coaching Clinic, which takes place on Saturday 9th of July, had have coaching and development of young players at its centre. The Future Stars International Coaching Clinic provides a platform for coaches with a proven track record across Europe and USA sharing the secrets of their great success.

The Coaching Clinic will featured Olle Lunden, the current Swedish national U18 head coach who led the Swedish junior team to victory in the 2009 FIBA U18 European Championship Men Division B.

The other keynote speakers included Johan Roijakkers and Džemo Ibiši the current head coaches of Netherlands and Slovenian U-18 National Teams respectively. In addition, American coaching philosophy was represented by Robert Deshields, Head Coach of Community College of Philadelphia. For a profile of each of the coaches who spoke at the event please see below.

All coaches shared the secrets of their great success with aspiring coaches at every level.

Future Stars International Coaching Clinic 2011

Saturday 09.07.11

9.30-10.15Principle of individual defence-Olle Lunden
10.30-11.15Principles of fast break and transition offence-Johan Roijakkers
11.15-11.45Athlete health and well being
11.45-12.15Lunch Break
12.15-13.00Individual training for guards-Džemo Ibiši, supported by Miro Jurić
13.15-14.00Individual training for forwards and centres –Robert Deshields
14.00-14.05Closing remarks

All delegates received souvenir T-shirts and set of educational materials.

Cost of the Clinic was £25

All delegates then had the opportunity to watch the International Coaches in action at the Future Stars International U18 Tournament on the afternoon of the coaching clinic with matches starting at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm.

The Future Stars Coaching Clinic and International U18 Tournament was held at Bruenl University, Uxbridge.

Coach Profiles

Olle Lundén
Olle has extensive coaching experience including  running Junior programs at clubs like Alvik Stockholm(Swedish Basketball League), Capitals Stockholm U20. From 2000 Olle started his career as Head Coach of Senior Teams in the professional Swedish League including Capitals (Basketettan), Sallén Basket (SBL), Södertälje Kings (SBL), Akropol BBK, Stockholm (SBL) and Uppsala BBK (SBL), In 2007 Olle became head coach of the Sweden U18 National Team, his biggest success came a year later when he won the U18 European Championship in Division B in Sarajevo. By doing so they became the first Swedish Men’s team to qualify to Division A in any age category in over 21 years.

Johan Roijakkers
Johan (born 1980, Belgium) has despite his age managed to achieve an extremely impresive  catagloue of coaching experience, including long spells with Dexia Mons-Hainaut and Bree Basket. In 2004 Johan took over as Head Coach of Bree making him till now the youngest Head Coach ever in the Belgian top professional league.
Johan was signed in 2010 by the Houston Rockets to work alongside Chris Finch and Arik Shivek (Head Coach of Israel National Team) to coach their D League team Rio Grande developing and evaluating young prospects for the NBA team. This coaching team proved extremely sucessful  as Rio Grande reached the NBDL finals 2011, set a franchise winning streak and hold the record for the biggest margin of victory ever. 
In 2011 Johan became the Head Coach of the U18 Dutch National Team, again becoming the youngest person to do so.

Džemo Ibiši 
Džemo Ibiši has since 1990 been Head of the youth Basketball programs in Slovenia from ages U12 – U18 including head coach at Iskra Litus (1990-1996), KK Litlja (1996-2006), KK Geoplin Slovan  (2006-2007) and has now returned to KK Litja (2007-2011) where he is the Head of the Youth Basketball Program. Džemo has been head coach for the Slovenian Junior National teams since 2003 from ages U15- U18 where he took the team to theEuropean Championships on 5 different ocassions.

Mirsoslav Miro Juriċ 
Miroslav Miro Juriċ (born in Croatia, 1975) has over 20 years playing experience in such professional teams across Europe as Zrinjevac Zagreb and BK Ventspils (Latvia-LBL).  Miroslav has worked as Head Coach of the Youth Basketball program in Kraftwerk Weis (Austria A Bundesliga) and subsequently became Head of Youth Development  at Kraski Zidar Sezana (Slovenia 1B). In 2010 Mirsolav took over as head coach of the Senior Team in the same club.

Robert DeShields
DeShields is the Head Coach of the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) who boasts ten Conference Championships and  seven PCAA Philadelphia State Championships.  DeShields was voted PCAA coach of the year on four different occasions and amassed over three hundred wins in his career spanning over a decade at CCP.  DeShields is one of Philadelphia’s most successful junior coaches.