GIntreda Future Stars International Tournament 2019

The legendary Junior International Tournament which had taken a hiatus since 2013 returned for 2019 at Brunel University, London.

Previous editions of the tournament was organised for European National teams as the last stage of preparation for the European Championships. The 2019 edition featured top European Club teams preparing for their upcoming season.

The tournament featured truly great European clubs boasting a rich history in developing talent. The following U18 teams competed for the Future Stars 2019 Championship title; Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv (Final 8 Euroleague ANGT 2019), Rytas Vilnius (Euroleague ANGT 2018 Winner), Porsche Ludwigsburg, Oxygen Orange 1 Basket and the U18 England National Team.

An impressive Rytas Perla Vilnius team remained unbeaten in the tournament and claimed the title after facing Porsche Ludvigsburg in the final.

In the third place game a constantly improving Oxygen Orange 1 Basket seriously challenged the U18 England National team. The Italian outfit which came to Future Stars weakened by absence of Nemanja Gajic and Destiny Agbamu due to last minute visa issues were a true Cinderella team of the tournament. After an unconvincing start they booked their place in the consolation final by beating Macccabi Tel Aviv 104-102 after a tense double overtime thriller.

Final Standings for Gintreda Future Stars 2019 International Tournament

1. Rytas Vilnius
2. Porsche Ludvigsburg
3. England U18 National Team
4. Oxygen Orange 1 Basket
5. Maccabi Tel Aviv

Gintreda Future Stars MVP
Augustas Marciulionis – Rytas Perla Vilnius

Gintreda  Future Stars All Stars Team
Augustus Marciulonis – Rytas Perla Vinius
Ariel Hukporti – Porsche Ludvigsburg
Cameron Hildreth – England U18 National Team
Andrea Kolagiros – Rytas Perla Vilnius
Mateo Bogliardi – Oxygen Orange 1 Basket

To see the full results from the Gintreda Future Stars 2019 International Tournament please click here.

National Coaching Clinic 2019

Future Stars working in conjunction with Basketball England hosted the National Coaching Clinic 2019 at Brunel University on Saturday 31st August 2019.

The clinic had coaching and development of young players at its centre and provided a platform for coaches with a proven track record across Europe to share the secrets of their great success.

The clinic featured;

Oren Aharoni, General Manager of Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv Youth Departments since 2011 is responsible for the development of a team of 32 coaches working with the youth teams. Oren Aharoni has overseen Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv’s domination of the domestic scene, having led their U18 team to four championship titles (2018/19, 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16), 5 Cup wins (2018/19, 2016/17, 2015/16, 2012/13) and numerous appearances in the Euroleague Adidas Next Generation Tournament finals.

Oren Aharoni has a unique breadth of experience with National Team programmes having the position as Head Coach of the Israeli National Team in U16, U18, U20 Men’s teams since 2009 to the present day. Coach Aharoni also has experience on the Senior level having coached “Eshet Tours” Team Bnei Hasharon and Gindi Group Givat Shmuel in the Israeli Super League

Francesco Papi, launched his career at European powerhouse Montepaschi Sienna serving as Assistant Coach for the Senior Euroleague team and Head of their junior programme before taking his current role as Head coach of Oxygen Orange 1 Basket U18.

David Gale is the Head Coach for Porsche BBA and Assistant Coach for Senior Mens MHP Riesen in Ludwigsburg Germany. David Gale comes with a wealth of experience gained from the NBA for over 11 years having worked in a multitude of roles including players development, defensive game planning and offensive coordinator with the Los Angeles Clippers, Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76ers.

Gintautas Vileita started his coaching career successful coaching senior teams in the Lithuanian Leagues ranging from Trakai (wining the RKL championship) to Panaevezys Lietkabelis in the LKL. Gintautas Vileita has spent two years at the prestigious Šarūnas Marčiulionis Basketball Academy before taking over as Head Coach for BC Rytas Vilnius.

To see the full schedule of the Future Stars National Coaching Clinic please click here.

Grassroots Junior Competition

To ensure that we catered for all levels of basketball performers the London Region of Basketball England organised tournaments for U16 players with both boys and girls categories. The U16 tournament will took place on the 31st August and 1st September alongside the Junior International Tournament and National Coaching Clinic at Brunel University, London.