Gintreda Future Stars 2019

The legendary Junior International Tournament which has taken a hiatus since 2013 has previously featured players such as Jan Vesely (Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul), Dario Saric (Phoenix Suns), Nicolo Meli (Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul), Tomas Satoransky (Washington Wizards) and Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) is back for 2019 and will be held at Brunel University, London. For information on previous Future Stars Tournaments please click here.

In the past the tournament was organised for European National teams as the last stage of preparation for the European Championships. The 2019 edition will feature top European Club teams preparing for their upcoming season.

The tournament will feature truly great European clubs boasting a rich history in developing talent. The following U18 teams will be competing for the Future Stars 2019 Championship title; Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv (Final 8 Euroleague ANGT 2019), Rytas Vilnius (Euroleague ANGT 2018 Winner), Porsche Ludwigsburg, Oxygen Orange 1 Basket and the U18 England National Team.

Gintreda Future Stars 2019 will take place over the weekend of 30th August to 1st September 2019 at Brunel University, London. For directions to Brunel University please click here.

Entrance is free to come and show support for your team and watch a demonstration of the top U18 European Elite basketball.

Please click on the scores to view the boxscore for each game.

Friday 30.08.19

15.00: U18 England National Team 79 – 57 Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv

17.00: Rytas Vilnius 96 – 58 Oxygen Orange 1 Basket

19.00: Porsche Ludvigsburg 81 – 66 U18 England National Team

Saturday 31.08.19

14.00: Porsche Ludvigsburg 77 – 75 Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv

16.00: Rytas Vilnius 73 – 64 U18 England National Team

18.00: Oxygen Orange 1 Basket 74 – 85 Porsche Ludvigsburg

20.00: Rytas Vilnius 103 – 65 Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv

Sunday 01.09.19

09.00: Oxygen Orange 1 Basket 104 – 102 (2 OT) Maccabi Teddy Tel Aviv

11.00: Rytas Vilnius 87-79 Porsche Ludvigsburg

13.00: U18 England National Team v Oxygen Orange 1 Basket void due to both teams qualifying for 3rd place game.

16.00: Third place game (Teams ranked 3rd v 4th after Round Robin tournament) Oxgygen Orange 1 Basket 85 – 98 England National Team

18.00: Final (Teams ranked 1st v 2nd after Round Robin tournament) Rytas Vilnius 68 – 58 Porsche Ludvigsburg

Gintreda Future Stars 2019 Champions – Rytas Vilnius

2nd Place – Porsche Ludvigsburg

3rd Place – England National Team

MVP – Marciulonis A