‘I’m not thinking about my age, I’m thinking how to help the team’

Aleksander Balcerowski is the youngest player in the FIBA World Cup in China. After a successful season in Euroleague with Gran Canaria he very quickly became an integral part of the Polish national team which remains unbeaten in the tournament and has already secured their spot in the Quarter Final.

The combination of your talent and absence of Maciej Lampe has created an incredible opportunity for you which you are exploring to the maximum by playing quite superbly. Please describe your state of your mind facing such a great opportunity on the biggest stage at your age.

I feel so blessed and happy to be a part of that team and help them in this stage of the tournament. I’m not thinking about my age I’m thinking how to help the team

How quick was the process of adaptation and when did you start feeling an integral part of this team?

I have adapted really quickly because of my amazing teammates and coaching staff. All of them are constantly giving me a lot of encouragement on and off the court which helps to build my confidence very quickly. It is an amazing experience for me.

What would be the next target to reach in the World Cup? I guess after Russia’s game “the sky is the limit”.

I really don’t know what to say now. We definitely want more and more so it is just the beginning of our road, I guess….

In the next round most probably you will play against superstars like Nikola Jokic, Marc Gasol and bunch of other big guys with considerable NBA experience. How do you feel about it ?

I feel really honoured to be able to  share the court  with  players like them. I don’t know how to precisely describe my emotions because it is just amazing to be in such a situation

How important for your progress as a pro player was it for you last season in Gran Canaria where you have played considerable minutes both in ACB and Euroleague?

It was really very important. It helped me a lot with my confidence and a lot of other stuff. On daily basis I could train and play against a top level of talent which have improved my game immensely. It was really, really important.


Photographs courtesy of FIBA.basketball