Mike Taylor, Miracle Maker.

Mike Taylor conducting his revolution of Polish basketball is full of praise for his players team spirit. After four games Poland remains unbeaten and has already secured their spot among the top eight teams at the FIBA World Cup 2019. Coach Taylor took the time to speak exclusively to Future Stars to reflect on their incredible 79-74 win against Russia and upcoming game against Argentina. The stakes couldn’t be higher as a win against Argentina almost certainly would allow Poland to avoid the mighty Serbia in the Quarter Final.

After Poland not competing in the FIBA Word Cup for 52 years, describe your emotions after beating Russia.

Mike Taylor Q1

I presume the expression “Plan Minimum” does not exist in your vocabulary, you are unbeaten in this tournament and have already reached the Quarter final. What is your mindset before playing against Serbia or Spain in the next round, of course there is the small matter of Argentina first?

Mike Taylor Q2

“The strength of this team is -THE TEAM”- is your motto which works for you superbly. But in the game against Russia your team performance was simply on another planet. After an unconvincing first half, the contribution from Lukasz Koszarek, Adam Hrycaniuk, Aaron Cel, Michal Sokolowski and Damian Kulig in the second half was immense. How did you manage to establish such phenomenal self believe in this team and create such a balanced group of players?

Mike Taylor 3

One of the biggest winners in the current situation is Olek Balcerowski. Please describe his progress and role in the team, especially being the youngest player in the World Cup?

Mike Taylor Q4


Photographs courtesy of FIBA.basketball