Last Tango in Shanghai

In 2008 Spain won the World Championship announcing the arrival of new exciting stars such as Gasol, Navarro, Fernandez and a plethora of others on the world stage.

After an enormously successful decade the Spanish veterans stand their best chance of regaining the title in China.

Sergio Scariolo discusses the chances of the golden generation of Spanish Basketball to regain the World Cup title.

It seems to be your trademark that your team improves dramatically throughout the competition, from almost losing to Iran to completely dominating Serbia. How do you achieve such a transformation in such a short period of time?

Coach Taylor performs miracles with Poland who have greatly improved, but I’m sure that you must be mildly optimistic. How do you view this game?

In the past decade or so the USA were rightly perceived as simply unbeatable. In this World Cup there is a much weaker USA team, do you see this as your best chance to regain the World Championship?


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