The Champion

Sergio Scariolo has presided over almost a decade (with a little break between 2012-15) of unprecedented success of Spanish basketball. Leading a plethora of global Spanish stars he has won three European Championships, Olympic Silver medal in London 2012 and Olympic Bronze medal in Rio in 2016 and now he was crowned World Champion in Beijing.

In an exclusive interview with Future Stars, Sergio Scariolo looks back at the main factors which allowed them to win World Cup and his plans for the future.

1. Please reflect on your decade of unbelievable success with the Spanish National Team. You have won the European Championship in Poland and 10 years later you are crowned World Champion. I know that you have worked with an exceptionally gifted generation, but I can think about plenty of talented generations in various sports which haven’t achieved anything, What was the key factor in creating such a legacy?

2. What were the key factors in neutralising an unbelievably crafty Argentina team in the final? You had control through the majority of the game and in fact it looked like one of your easier games in the whole tournament.

3. In our previous interview you pointed to the fact that your team is ageing and perhaps reaching the stage when a drastic changes needs to be implemented. I’m not quite sure whether I agree with this. Both Juancho Hermangomez and Willy Hermangomez have played a very important roles in this tournament, Victor Claver is definitely playing the best basketball of his life and who knows how Abrines will look after the next season. Also your older core players look remarkably healthy and not slowing down almost at all. So what are your plans and targets for next season and the Olympic Games?

4. Finally, last season was incredible for you. World Champion, NBA Champion and of the top of that your son won a European title in a junior category. What other personal goals do you have in your career?

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